Deng Wei recalls the gold after sad wanted to give up the goal of Tokyo Olympic Games

Deng Wei recalls the gold after sad: wanted to abandon the goal of Tokyo Olympic Games Deng Wei target of Tokyo Xinhua Beijing September 7th sports news (reporter Liu Yang) the Rio Olympic weightlifting champion Deng Wei 7, come to a primary school with teachers and students had an open up a fresh outlook exchange activities. She encouraged students to have a dream to overcome the difficulties in life and study, and revealed that her next goal is four years after the Tokyo Olympic games. As the National Weightlifting Team Charity participants, Deng Wei in the Olympic Games lingjiangfu, pocket Olympic gold medal came near the State General Administration of Sports Stadium Road Primary School, was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students in school. When she appeared in the teaching building, the corridor of the children all open mouths and stared at their "hero". The teachers who greeted her were not impressed by the fact that she was so slim and beautiful, she was not so strong on tv!" The scene in "learning" to the Olympic champion as the theme of the activities, the teachers give the scene more than 70 students, 24 classes watching live broadcast their carefully edited video, tells the story of Deng Wei from the World Championships last year to win the Olympic journey this year. Deng Wei smiled and said he had never seen her in the lens. In the Rio Olympic women’s weightlifting 63 kg class competition, Deng Wei, not only won the age of 23 and broke the world record in the two. In the face of the children’s speech, the Fujian girl said, the good results in the back, she also experienced a trough period, such as the London Olympics he got no qualification, in 2013 before the games even shock, the world championships also encountered three and all fall through the dilemma, she once thought of giving up weightlifting. Deng Wei encourage children with these setbacks: you will learn in the road will experience a lot of ups and downs, but still want to have a dream in mind, this is the power of your growth." Deng Wei also said that his next goal is to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the presence of small fans have responded with warm applause. In subsequent questioning, communication links, all kinds of elementary, one tall and sturdy the fourth grade students asked: "little sister Deng Wei, I am 100 pounds of weight, you can throw me?" Deng Wei smiled and said, "I can lift you up, but I can’t throw it out!" Since then, there are a few pupils and Deng Weibo a little boy breaking the wrist, wrist to end poker-faced Taiwan’s classmate say: "my strength is great, but today, the distance Deng Wei sister is still a considerable gap." Near the end of the event, the children lined up on the stage to touch Deng Wei brought the Olympic gold medal, but also with the Olympic champion photo. A little girl can not help but come forward to kiss Deng Wei’s cheek, Deng Wei said with a laugh: "have not seen people, they ran away!" Deng Wei said with emotion, these children’s sincerity and smile will become the driving force for their future training, she hopes to participate in such activities in the future, to promote their own contribution to the promotion of weightlifting. (end)相关的主题文章:

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