Complimentary home improvement design, free lunch or cost transfer freyja

Complimentary home improvement design, free lunch or cost transfer? Design is the soul of the decoration, with a good design is equal to half of the decoration, decoration certainty depends on the extent to which the design is complete"…… The importance of design in the home improvement industry has been recognized by more and more people in the industry. At the same time, the majority of consumers are rational design, willing to pay for the design. However, in recent years, the market has a lot of home improvement company can provide free design services to customers. This is really a free meal, none is just the cost of the transfer? At present, many companies in the home market to provide free design service for the customer, whether it is the main push packages of traditional Jiezhuang companies, or the Internet Jiezhuang companies, the foreman club, even the guerrillas, this free service is really none, or Jiezhuang companies "camouflage"? Free design is not a common phenomenon the reporter learned through the investigation, the free design is not the norm in the field of home market, most of the formal Jiezhuang company in charge of design is time consuming, square meters to offer prices ranging from 40 yuan per square metre to 300 yuan, the level of fees to the level according to how many designers and design content to decide. "At present, the decorative design fee includes two parts, the basic design and personality design." Decoration executive vice president Wang Xiaobing told the Beijing evening news reporter Home Furnishing, foundation design including the graphic design and simple construction, no effect, the content of the design is relatively simple, only the basic decoration, the lowest cost of 1000 yuan, up 2000 yuan. Personality design includes furniture, soft accessories, color, space, etc., this part of the design fee is calculated by the number of square meters, the price per square meter between 40 yuan to 200 yuan. As long as the provision of design services is paid, may be discounted in the company’s anniversary, free of charge rarely." Wang Xiaobing said. Win fruit decoration chief engineer Hu Zengguang pointed out that, in addition to the number of square metres in capacity and design fees in this way, some decoration company will be in accordance with the percentage of the total project price for the design costs, such as the total project price 8%, 10% etc.. "The general decoration company will provide layout, construction drawings, renderings, water circuit diagram for the owners, if the customer requirements to provide fire protection, air conditioning, hot and cold water, fresh air system, weak drawings, the design aspects related to the design is more complex, the cost will be higher." Hu Zengguang said. The general manager of Beijing branch Jin Bo said light decoration, design contract for the company to provide consumers with the consists of four parts, which are the basic decoration, structure design, product design and decoration materials. In general, the design fees charged by the designer is mainly composed of these four parts, if the owners only need to install the design, then the charges will be significantly different. According to the design fees, the first category is the main difference between designer fees, hard outfit designer charges 30 yuan per square meter, the highest level hard designer fees for 100 yuan per square meter. The second category is in addition to hard loading, as well as other three parts, such as soft fitting, the cost of the four part together is the final consumer needs"相关的主题文章:

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