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Chengdu after 90 girls without a dream 22 years out of the hundreds of fast food outlets I special?" This question, lingering in the heart of Xie Qiujun. She has a pair of special hands. At the age of 4, because of a fire, she burned three disabled, white hands disappeared, half body skin burns. After surgery, the wrist was divided into ten cm of the length of the "new finger", she used after 22 years, flexible and easy to grasp, take, lift, press, everything goes on the line of the 3. Xie Qiujun has a special face. Wrinkled face, draw eyebrow lip, care for it, she will do mask every day. There is a special body, "do not put yourself as a special" heart – "others can do, I can do!" Into the ordinary school, the best results; into the animation school, award-winning works; into the sales company, stand out from the 6 thousand people to become a sales champion…… Eventually, she started her own business, will expand to more than a hundred fast-food outlets. "Fire, burning out of my will" slender lips full, eyeliner, Xie Qiujun love makeup, "woman" image value millions’, I want as much as possible to make their beauty". At 5 p.m. on September 7th, Xie Qiujun moved into an online club. There is a piano in the corner of the club, which is why Xie Qiujun likes to come here. Unlike other plays, she had to constantly improve and down and move around the wrist, can accurately "drop out" May day "to the tune of" stubborn. She felt like the lyrics of their own, "Fire Phoenix," the word, it is the beauty of her 22 years to describe the most beautiful. She said: "the fire, and burn my will" Xie Qiujun was born in 1990 in Chengdu, a business house, she had a happy childhood. At the age of 4, she accidentally fell into the hands of the fire burning paper money, climbing in the high temperature burn. After the hospital, the parents received notice, while buying the casket, while waiting for a miracle. As a result of severe burns, three yuan per day to lose $10 thousand, doctors repeatedly persuaded to give up, Xie Qiujun parents insist on the choice to save her. The wound all over the body, Xie Qiujun not directly lying on the bed, the doctor opened the 10 lamp of 100 watts, she will lift, bake for 1 hours, and 1 hours of sleep. Itch all over, do not dare to catch, she will use cotton swab. It is such a strong character, the achievements of Xie Qiujun; strong behind Xie Qiujun, is my company, her mother never abandon. The love of the mother, with her strong to face up to its own monarch Pelle shape, face society, her mother Xu Lin every weekend to take her out. A meal at a fast-food restaurant, the 3 little boy next to close to her, first look at her hands, and then look at the burn of face, "scary at a loss about what to do". Hearing this, Xu Lin turned and sobbed. You don’t want to, but Pelle blinked, comfort, "Mom, not afraid, they said to them, I do my." At home for more than two years, to the school age, Xu Lin do not want to make her feel special, to the ordinary primary school reported. Xu Lin told her, "you’re the same as the other kids. Do whatever you want to do." Six years of primary school, she experienced a large and small, the operation of the 40 points, with the "new finger", and then.相关的主题文章:

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