Cheated 17 million 600 thousand Tsinghua University teacher why so rich

Cheated 17 million 600 thousand Tsinghua University teacher why so rich? Provincial Higher Vocational College toudangxian three batch Toudang line to know the university volunteer volunteer hall get rid of sorting three errors at the 23 essential terms of voluntary volunteer college entrance examination ranking positioning method of combat skills how to choose the university discipline and professional enrollment data reference university ranking selection university admission points ranking key recommended colleges test suitable for learning what professional volunteer three steps the candidates with the query to the original title: Tsinghua University (scores, professional settings) a teacher was 17 million 600 thousand of telecom fraud! I just want to know how much TA can make? A message posted on the Internet, police informed the data show that in August this year, Beijing, Haidian District second-hand housing price is 66875 yuan per square meter. Yesterday (30 days), the Internet came an "alarm notification" said: August 29th at 11 pm, Zhongguancun police station received a report: 110 lanqiying area of Haidian District was a teacher of Tsinghua University, posing as public security, telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan. The picture below the right sign: "Tsinghua University LCD building property service center." Police have confirmed that there is a teacher of Tsinghua University telecommunications fraud 17 million 600 thousand yuan, the details of the case has yet to be further informed the relevant departments. However, users are more concerned about is: why the Tsinghua University teacher so rich?!!! The area where the teacher cheated at least 6 million yuan prices first look at the teacher cheated living in the area of Haidian District lanqiying area". According to the China Economic Times reported earlier: laqiying teacher residential area is located in the Peking University (scores, professional settings) outside the east gate of Tsinghua University, southwest, South into a small Fu road. The area is to improve the national Tsinghua University and Peking University teachers’ living conditions and the construction of the. Lanqiying area was founded in October 1997, completed by the end of 2000, a total of 12 residential buildings, the construction area of 152 thousand and 900 square meters. Residential tenants 1263 households, basically are both teachers, including many famous scholars and two academician level administrative leadership. Data show that in August this year, Beijing, Haidian District, the average price of second-hand housing is 66875 square meters. "Haidian District lanqiying area" second-hand housing price is 68783 yuan per square meter, the second-hand housing information from the Internet, the district to sell houses, but a house of 72 square meters, the minimum price is 6 million yuan. What is the name of the teacher is still living in what we do not know, but you can determine his house, at least 6 million yuan. College Teachers in the end how much money? Reporters learned that the current implementation of the university is the performance pay system. In short, this is a kind of teaching, scientific research work and the basis of the income of college teachers to determine the amount of salary distribution system. A report from the Peking University Institute of education, Institute of Economic Research Report shows that in 2013, the minimum wage is 45431 yuan in Heilongjiang Province, and the high salary regions are Shanghai 116618 yuan, Guangdong 10 Tao相关的主题文章:

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