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By setting the reception of refugees limit EU summit in Austria "criticized" the Sohu news Beijing February 19,   according to foreign media reports, in the 18 opening of the EU summit in Austria to receive refugees cap of practices by EU leaders protest. The European Commission declared that Austria’s practice violates international law and must reconsider the relevant policies. Werner Faymann, the Prime Minister of Austria, retorted that "the legal issues should be answered by legal scholars." Faymann, the prime minister, said: "the legal issues should be answered by legal scholars.". Politically, I’m not going to change my decision." In January 20th, Austria established an upper limit for receiving refugees, and decided to receive only 37500 asylum seekers in 2016. Vienna said it would limit the number of refugees to Germany every day to 3200. In addition, Austria plans to receive 80 refugee applications from the southern border every day. Only in this way can the annual limit of no more than 37500 refugees be guaranteed. Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU refugee Commissioner, wrote in a written statement: "the practice of restricting refugee applications in Austria violates the eighteenth articles of the European Union human rights convention, the Geneva Convention and the European Union’s basic rights charter.". Italy Prime Minister Lenzi (Matteo Renzi) said: "we can not imagine the brennero closed area (Brenner) of the border". The roads in the area are one of the main arteries connecting Italy and Austria. At the same time, the leaders of the EU governments hoped to end the rubber stamp policy on the issue of refugee crisis". In addition, the London government has proposed proposals for EU reform in order to avoid Britain’s withdrawal from the alliance. British Prime Minister Cameron said at the summit: "I will fight for the United Kingdom."! If I can get a good agreement, I will accept it. But I’m not going to accept any agreement that is not in our interest." Tusk, one of Cameron’s negotiating opponents, said Donald Tusk, President of the Council of the European union. "We are in a difficult, sensitive negotiation." He said that the current situation is "desperate."". Lithuania President Grybaukaite (Dalia Grybauskaite) said: "everyone will have their own dramatic performance, and finally we will reach an agreement."." In order to avoid the withdrawal of the league, the British put forward several special requirements to the European Union in early 2016". It includes more national sovereignty, the protection of London as a financial center, the enhancement of national competitiveness, and the cancellation of welfare to citizens from other EU countries under the burden of the social welfare insurance system. The last requirement was particularly opposed by the Eastern European countries. The EU summit will be held until Friday. The current issue is focused on the avoidance of Britain’s retreat from the alliance. The country’s leaders couldn’t attend the summit as planned because of a series of bombings in Turkey. German Prime Minister Merkel pointed out that the summit will not achieve significant results on the issue of refugees. 因设定接收难民上限 欧盟峰会上奥地利“挨批”-搜狐新闻  中新网2月19日电  据外媒报道,在18日开幕的欧盟峰会上,奥地利为接收难民设定上限的做法引起欧盟各国领导人抗议。欧盟委员会表态称,奥地利的做法违反了国际法,必须重新考量相关政策。奥地利总理法伊曼(Werner Faymann)反驳称:“法律上的事情应该由法律学者来作答。我从政治的角度来说:不会改变之前的决定。”  1月20日,奥地利制定了接收难民的上限,决定2016年只接收37500名申请庇护者。维也纳之前表示,将每天前往德国的难民数量上限定为3200人。此外,奥地利每天计划最多受理80个来自南部边境的难民避难申请。这样才能保证不超过37500名难民的年度上限。  欧盟的难民事务委员阿夫拉莫普洛斯(Dimitris Avramopoulos)在一封书面表态中写道:奥地利限制难民申请的做法违反了欧盟人权公约、日内瓦公约和欧盟基本权利宪章的第18条。意大利总理伦齐(Matteo Renzi)表示:“我们无法想象关闭布伦内罗地区(Brenner)的边境”。该地区的公路是连接意大利和奥地利的交通要道之一。  同时,与会的欧盟各国政府领导人希望在难民危机的问题上结束“橡皮图章式的政策”。另外,伦敦政府提出了为避免英国“退盟”而要求欧盟改革的建议。英国首相卡梅伦在峰会上表示:“我会为了英国而奋斗!如果我能够得到一个很好的协议,我会接受它。但我不会接受任何不符合我们利益的协议。”  卡梅伦的谈判对手之一,欧盟理事会主席图斯克(Donald Tusk)表示。“我们正处于艰难、敏感的谈判之中。”他说,目前的情况是“孤注一掷”。立陶宛总统格里包斯凯特(Dalia Grybauskaite)则表示:“每个人都会有自己戏剧性的表现,到最后我们还是会达成协议。”  为了避免退盟,英国于2016年年初向欧盟提出几条“特殊要求”。包括拥有更多的国家主权;保护伦敦作为金融中心的地位;提高国家的竞争力;并在社会福利保险系统不堪重负的情况下取消向来自其它欧盟国家的公民发放福利。最后一条要求尤其遭到了东欧国家的反对。  此次欧盟峰会将持续召开至本周五。目前的议题重点集中在避免英国“退盟”的问题上。由于土耳其发生系列爆炸袭击事件,该国领导人无法按原计划出席峰会。德国总理默克尔因此指出,此次峰会在难民问题上不会达成重大成果。相关的主题文章:

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