Bestie married 1126 hot air (video) bestie era interpretation of friendship hamimelon

Bestie "married" 1126 times "interpretation of hot air bestie bestie friendship to marry" TV series trailer by the Yangtze River culture and entertainment Tencent Huace Hatton media CO produced the modern drama "bestie married" from November 26th, 19:30 night landing Hubei satellite TV, Henan satellite tv. The play by the Taiwan idol drama directed by Zhou Junlun, "freaky story" (Opera) screenwriter Qin Wen was the gold medal screenwriter team, tells the story of a good old bestie sister from the family to become a strange combination of circumstances, the workplace, friction and fighting escalated, the final common harvest growth story. The realistic theme focusing on "bestie" A new force suddenly rises. cited hot topic in today’s TV market is still occupied a large number of IP wave heights, Xian Xia fantasy drama, drama, drama full screen, almost by the high yen value is now the most popular star. Even so, due to special effects, the story is empty, similar themes and other reasons, the audience will inevitably be aesthetic fatigue. The screen in this environment, the "Ode to joy" "small" separation "China relationship" to explore the topic of social reality theme has become a national opera "clean", reputation ratings are doing well. Bestie "married" as a topic of urban women emotional drama, social problems in the workplace, friendship, family life concern and reflect women, starting from the perspective of female independent, by family disputes into bestie contradiction and career life, multi-faceted three-dimensional display of city women’s survival and life. The focus of the "bestie" which is a high heat topic, direct face of female friendship, while getting rid of the "bestie is a rival or mistress" idea that such old-fashioned settings, but focus on women in the family, the workplace emotional trend, from this perspective, "married" bestie very unique significance. From the "atypical multiple personality" dramatic conflict quite aspect in people, "bestie married" quite unique, pay more attention to the individual characters. "This strong woman subtly malicious" medium (Sui Junbo) is an overseas return Bai Fumei, looks elegant, cautious and strong self-esteem; "confused demon adorable girl Xia Qing (Hu Dandan decoration) is a cheerful and straightforward, optimistic and strong, often make silly white sweet two"". The two heroines from bestie into rival, to marry into the family of two brothers in a clock. The content of disk access man "Zhong Jiachen (Zhu Yongteng) is the eldest son clock is high, medium husband, gentle family, filial piety. "Tongue warm man Zhong Liyang (Jia Jinghui ornaments) is Zhong Xia Qing is two son, husband, looks not reliable, but the very idea. In addition to the distinctive character of the four men and women, the roles of the three mothers are more distinctive. The "Iron Lady Lady" and "soft high Hak Ma", "competition crazy summer mother" three mother Biao play the same stage "fires spread, prompting escalating conflict, push forward the development of the plot. Family, friendship, love in this dramatic conflict is even more intriguing. The role of the gold medal team sincerity of the heart to tell a good story. "Bestie married into" the story of ups and downs, there is warmth in continuous rotary smoke. There is a strong dramatic conflict, but also close to daily life. This is the gold medal!相关的主题文章:

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