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Gymnastics champion home medals Stolen Case cracked suspects arrested recovered medal event review: gymnastics world champion Suilu stolen medals ransacked the original title: Gymnastics World Champion home winning card theft case cracked suspects arrested in Zhuzhou in October 7th to recover the medal net news Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Hunan province Hetang District Branch informed the media today. In October 2nd, this public security bureau at the provincial and municipal public security organs under the command, in support of Guangxi Guigang City Public Security Bureau, successfully cracked a series of inter provincial large burglaries, arrested 3 suspects and seized gold, notebook computer, mobile phone, medals and other stolen goods. This public security bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander Li Shengwen introduced, in September 23rd, there were three consecutive burglary cases of Oriental Garden District Hetang District, the three owners were stolen gold, notebook computer, cigarettes, nearly 10 thousand yuan worth of property; in September 24th, Hetang District Golden Peninsula district again occurred burglaries, police said the stolen gold medal and home. Li Shengwen said: 23, we received a report after the police rushed to the scene for the first time investigation, initially identified as a gang crime. Second days after we received another report through the retrieval of surveillance video, the suspect is the same group of people." After preliminary analysis, forensic technicians will determine the case for the same group of people. At the same time, this public security bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade captain Tian Ying led the police Mopai to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the case, through the investigation of continuous, accurate investigators locked the 3 suspects Yang, Huang and wu. Li Shengwen said: "we went to the suspect’s home in Guangxi in September 26th, Guigang City, squatting a few days later, on October 2nd, in Guigang on the train to Shaoyang to arrest the suspect Huang and Wu; in October 3rd, the sleeping at home in Yang captured." After the interrogation, the suspect Yang (1988), Huang (1989) and Wu (1990) three people had fled to Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan and other provinces were crazy theft, Zhuantou upscale residential building. Has been basically verified burglary cases in Zhuzhou there are 5 cases, involving the value of up to $100 thousand. Li Shengwen said that the three suspects are relatively young, the youngest Wu is a 90, and the education level is not high. General hand for theft of gold, they will choose to be dissolved after the disposal of stolen goods. "They don’t know Suilu, also do not know their stolen medal is what was going to dissolve, because I heard that the value is not high." Li Shengwen said, now all the stolen goods have been recovered. Currently, the three suspects on suspicion of burglary, has been under criminal detention according to law. (red dragon Qi intern reporter correspondent Liu Xiaoxiang)相关的主题文章:

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