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Avery strengthening tropical storm will be landing in Guangdong or across the coastal Guangdong Nanfang Daily News (reporter Xie Qingyu correspondent Guangdong shuixuan) National Day holiday has just ended, the typhoon could not wait to hit, although it is difficult to determine whether the landing of our province, but in the northeastern South China Sea during the period of wandering will give the Pearl River Estuary and the eastern cities have serious side effect. The evening of 7 from the Guangdong provincial flood control headquarters learned that in October 7th 15, "Aere" has intensified into a severe tropical storm, the South China Sea 17 when its center is located about 290 kilometers southeast of Hongkong, near the center of the largest wind 10 (25 m / sec), to have a serious impact on the coastal waters of Guangdong. In order to cope with the threat of "Ai Li", 7, 10, Fangzong start wind emergency response grade, and the defense held "Ai Li" video will be judged, the development trend of the typhoon, to further implement the deployment of wind work requires strict precautions. Or landing in Guangdong or across the coastal waters of Guangdong in consultation with the view, "Aere" intensity will gradually strengthen, the strongest possible typhoon level (Level 12); the future will be 5 to 10 kilometers per hour to the northwest direction, tends to move to the eastern sea, about 100 kilometers from the Eastern coast of the sea, are likely to continue to move to the north direction, in 9 days with the strong tropical storm or typhoon level (11 or 12) in Huilai to the coastal areas between Shenzhen landing, there may be folded to the southwest, towards western Guangdong and Eastern Hainan. 8 -10 days, the South China Sea, eastern Guangdong and the Pearl River Estuary sea level 8 to 10 winds. The expert points out, is expected to "Aere" within 24 hours in the northeastern South China Sea around less, the intensity will be strengthened. Due to the influence of cold air, "Aere" future path and intensity changes are there is a big uncertainty, or mobile landing in Guangdong, northwest or southwest across the coastal waters of Guangdong, these two situations will give a serious impact on the eastern counties. Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted by the "avery" circulation, 8, the eastern counties have heavy rain, some cities and counties have the remaining counties cloudy (Ray) showers. 9 -10 days, the eastern counties have locally heavy rain, Meizhou, Heyuan, on the eastern side of the Pearl River Estuary have showers, the rest of the cities and counties cloudy, local showers (thunder). 8 days before 8 West of the Pearl River estuary waters all fishing boats back to Hong Kong Fangzong at the meeting requirements, all localities and departments should fully understand the current defense work is facing various unfavorable factors, based on the typhoon landing the most unfavorable situation in Guangdong, to do the defense measures, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. Prepare for typhoon landing in Huilai to Shenzhen. "Aere" effect during the coastal cities and county headquarters of three controls to insist that every organization consultation, timely start the corresponding emergency response level, the implementation of the targeted prevention measures. Fangzong stressed that local marine fisheries departments should strengthen the management to ensure that the typhoon wind fishing, sea fishing boats back to harbor in time, fishing boats and fishing operations personnel all ashore hedge. Maritime sector to organize transport ships, engineering ships to avoid the impact of the sea area, and urge the offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore infrastructure engineering personnel to do a good job security.相关的主题文章:

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