Australia Sheng group crude oil closed up the dollar data caused by soaring gold wh60a

Sheng Australia Group: crude oil closed up $data gold jumped clients view the latest market yesterday, WTI crude oil futures closed up in October 0.88%, at $44.83 a barrel; Brent crude oil futures fell 0.78% in November, $47.26 a barrel. Iran clear yield remarks that the market is very panic, but last night the data too in the difference of the weaker dollar, provide support for oil prices. Spot gold soared in September because of the Fed’s interest rate hike is slim. In a disappointing ISM non manufacturing index to raise interest rates in September to ashes to ashes on the occasion, gold and silver prices began to rise. After falling to a two month low last week, the price of gold has been recorded for the first time in a row for the first time in a row, the pattern of which is similar to that of the weak performance of the published data, and the rise of the model will start on. Gold prices are expected to rise further. A weaker dollar crude oil rose yesterday, although the Iran verbal support measures to stabilize the oil market, but also announced that the production, coupled with previously frozen production without Saudi position to continue to ferment, the international oil market fell. However, the economic data released yesterday evening the United States is poor, a weaker dollar for oil prices to slow breath. According to the Iran national gas company (NIOC) a senior official said the country expected to complete the construction of the pipeline and terminal before the end of 2016, for the export of new grade crude oil, the country’s oil production will increase to the level before the sanctions to provide assistance. Iran oil officials said the initial production of this new class of crude oil may be slightly less than 300 thousand barrels a day, is the key to increase production in Iran. Earlier, Iran officials have said that crude oil production will return to the level before the sanctions will support frozen production. The current crude oil production is slightly higher than the 3 million 800 thousand barrels per day, and may be in "a few months" reached 4 million barrels per day, it may miss the end of September meeting. Zanganeh, Iran’s oil minister, said yesterday that the country supports any form of efforts to stabilize the global oil market. Some critics said that although he would like to see Iran’s production, but she does not join them. In addition, Zanganeh also said the best price for OPEC is in the range of $50-60 barrels, Iran to support oil prices in the range of $50-60 in the barrel. In addition, the multinational oil companies have been urged to invest in Iraq seems to be more and more dedicated to the fight for market share. The Reuters reported that Iraq will be October for Asia’s Basra light oil official Oman Dubai crude oil price raised to $1.4 a barrel, Basra premium light oil official price for Europe down to September compared with the spot price premium of $3.95 a barrel on the spot Brent. In addition, China’s record exports of refined oil products have been a serious impact on the Asian market, the Asian oil refinery refining margins and oil refinery enthusiasm. But according to Longzhong information data, China major oil refinery capacity utilization fell to 70.27%, which means the end of crude oil and refined oil demand side supply reduction. At the same time, last night announced the U.S. ISM non manufacturing index and LMCI index of employment are bleak, global financial market shock, the dollar index fell sharply confined to a low since August 26th, which provides for oil prices.相关的主题文章:

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