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The car will sell its SOE employees called for fear of not alarm using the original title: Tangshan state employees involved in car rental fraud JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) Tangshan SOE employees because of the unit recession part-time small loans, from the first steam leasing company Chaoyang park rental shop will sell the car and partner spoils. Yesterday morning, Wu was arrested on suspicion of fraud in Chaoyang court. Wu denied the allegations, saying it was the use of his car to sell again, because it is too scared so there is no alarm. For the loans involved in the crime according to the prosecution allegations, before the incident, Wu is at the cost of Tangshan Metallurgical Mining Machinery Factory director. Last September 25th at 9 pm, Wu together with others came to the first steam leasing company Chaoyang Park, in the car by way of a white TOYOTA Vios sedan, identified the value of 57 thousand yuan. Last September 27th at 1 pm, Wu came to a rental company in Yizhuang Daxing shop, the car by way of Volkswagen cars, identified the value of 93 thousand yuan. Yesterday morning in the Chaoyang Court trial, Wu denied prosecution allegations of fraud, said he was used by the gang members to rent a car, and did not participate in the sale of the rental of vehicles, does not constitute a crime of fraud. Wu said he was a state-owned enterprise employees in Tangshan, the unit downturn, a part-time job in a lending company. Because there is no money on hand, so the need for a sum of money to lend. Through an intermediary company, he met a man named "dragon" and "dragon and a sister, the sister said can help loan, originally said let go to Shandong, but later said that Shandong did not talk to, need to go to Beijing." Wu said, in September 25th last year, he and a man named Philip and came to Beijing, the night of the Dragon told him to go to the cars, a car rental company, signed the contract, I took the dragon to bank card to rent a car". "Long told me that the car to rent the loan to the company, the car as an asset mortgage, loan out of the money back, the car will be able to get back." Wu said that he was not very trust dragon, but the thought of the dragon should not be pulled out of it, and also the dragon fly and his associates live together, there are big identity information on guard. Wu said, the Dragon drove away, he lived with Philip excuse to buy smoke left. An hour later, he called the hotel to a big drawer of 1000 yuan of money, and told him that the car back. Because be afraid of alarm Wu argued that he has a legitimate stable occupation, no need of fraud, he did not participate in the car, "I know to do small loan programs, but they do this long car loan thing I was the first time I heard." In the trial, Wu repeatedly said that the rental car was sold, because he is afraid, also can not afford to pay the rental company car, so it did not alarm. Wu said, his car is because to get loans, and did not think will sell the car, the car was sold after he went to the leasing company for the lease, renewal or pay him money. The case was not in court for sentencing. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章:

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