After the first cloudy weather in Wuhan after the rain or the maximum temperature above 20 degrees C viper12a

The first weekend in Wuhan cloudy or return to the highest temperature above 20 degrees centigrade this weekend, Wuhan could only one day be Piaoyu, is expected to return to the highest temperature above 20 degrees, but the chill is still relatively strong. Today, the city is still rainy, daytime temperatures hovering in the basic 16-18 C, Wuhan spent a day since the second half of the cold, air humidity and temperature is lower than the body, feeling the temperature, people wear thick coat may feel cold. Today, the city may be a little light rain, the day after tomorrow rain may not bid farewell to our city, but on Sunday, the city is expected to turn cloudy weather. Although the two days I can’t completely clear, but the temperature will rise, the highest temperature of the weekend is expected at 22-24 deg.. Of course, as ", as the saying goes; a cold autumn rain weather, " the overall trend in our city is now increasingly cold recently, sooner or later, the minimum temperature is only 16 degrees Celsius, we still need to add clothes according to temperature change. Wuhan is expected tomorrow daytime cloudy, local short rain, temperature of 16 DEG -19 DEG 60-95%, humidity, northerly winds 2 to 3. Tomorrow the day after tomorrow cloudy with light rain, the temperature of 16 DEG -22 DEG, northerly winds 2 to 3. (reporter Fu Ying) in the end what it called the video "autumn"? Concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gift sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章:

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