After retiring Obama can earn much money to retire $203 thousand and 700 ca1477

Mr Obama can earn much money pension of $203 thousand and 700 in U.S. President Barack · Obama is nearing the end of term, the British newspaper "independent" on the 5 day he lists several sources of income of speculation after retiring. Reported that since 1958, after the withdrawal of any president of the United States can receive a pension, while the 55 year old Obama pension of up to $203 thousand and 700 per year. In general, the former president of the United States will write a memoir and make a speech to "suck gold". But for Obama, he can buy a sports team. Reported that Obama had previously said that he dreams of holding an American occupation basketball team of the shares, and Book money can make your dreams come true. In addition, Obama also often referred to return to school, Professor law. The independent newspaper gives 3 options: Columbia University, Harvard University and University of Chicago. Reported that taking into account the top professors in the star city of the annual income of up to six figures, which is enough temptation for the former president. In addition, Obama and his wife, Michel, may be involved in social activities. But two people have made it clear that they will not hold public office. Obama has said that he will not leave Washington after retiring president, until the little daughter Sasha finished high school.相关的主题文章:

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