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"Absolutely life guard division" officer Wang Meiying cited a comment – simple touching entertainment Sohu "Mulan" 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army memorial Sohu Wang Meiying entertainment news modern revolutionary drama "absolutely life guard division" is about to wrap up recently. The play directed by Dong Yachun, Tong Zhang, Guo Guangping, Wang Meiying and other actors joined. About 30s the last century in the history of the thirty-four division of the Red Army heroes in order to complete the cover of the main force of the Red Army to retreat, eventually Kangkaijiuyi story. Wang Meiying’s red thirty-four division only female warrior, "Li Manyu" was born martial arts family, in order to follow the newlywed husband quietly joined to conceal the identity of the Red Army, which carries the love of the country and the sense of mission, march on the road while taking care of her husband, while the battlefield in a bloody battle with the enemy, fighting, final delivery at the red thirty-four division crew the roster step burst point heroic sacrifice. Since then, thousands of soldiers of the thirty-four division to become red in the history of the long march of his unknown hero Lee capable of evoking praises and tears, full jade with her husband army, was the heroine her story has become a legend in the history of the long march. With the development of the story, Li Manyu’s identity in the red thirty-four Division also slowly surfaced in his life in the army but also because women always get attention in identity. The increasingly difficult living environment and hardships and dangers of the revolutionary task inspired everyone’s morale and unity, so that the soldiers to complete the task in a dangerous situation. Li Manyu was a good practice because of work, although the female identity, but on the battlefield, they played the female careful dedication qualities and martial arts skills, carrying heavy gun run bombing, shooting, and enemy melee combat mission repeatedlyspectacular, although a battle down often is scarred but at this time Li Manyu has signs of danger appearing everywhere, to disregard life and death, growth from the spirit as a real revolutionary soldier. After the baptism of fire smoke, and his comrades dying grief after she joined the army from the initial purpose has been reluctant to become her husband and family, love and care of the country, only the success of the revolution, and his family to live a better life. To the battlefield before it may be a road of no return, but regardless of life and death, to their loved ones together, stick to the victory of the revolution to the end. The siege, Li Manyu accepted the final task, delivery army rosters for the red thirty-four division, want to leave their names for the soldiers who died for the revolution. However, the layout of the bomb on the smoke in the fire, the fire roaring in looking back to the past of the land, with the flying fighter roster together to become a regret and memories in the history of the long march capable of evoking praises and tears, that one copy from rolia. Turning to the role, and said: love and Li Manyu’s army is the ordinary people down to earth’s love and follow her, but in the long road to see but a true representation of life and ideological transformation of the Red Army soldiers, their role is from a woman’s perspective, she joined the army’s original intention not too much, just a woman and her husband together, along with life and death love; but in the end, when she saw me alive相关的主题文章:

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