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"Guizhou City twinning" anti poverty: poverty "accelerator" for helping their counterparts in Shenzhen, Hezhang County Water Tang Xiang Shui Chao cun. Yang Yun pictured helping their counterparts in Ningbo built Xingren County village village bridge lock. Yang Yun photo Beijing, Guiyang in September 15, the title: "Guizhou City twinning" anti poverty: poverty "accelerator" lock village was a perennial is "locked" in the Rocky Desertification in the mountains of the Buyi village, located in the north of Xingren County of Qianxi Prefecture in Guizhou Province, about 5 kilometers north of the city street area. Such a look up the mountain, bow down to see the small village ridge, in recent years, with the help of the counterpart was unlocked. Lock village in Zhejiang province is one of the Ningbo District of Beilun city aid demonstration village. Since 2014, in the Ningbo District of Beilun City, helping to support, the lock has completed 1800 meters Village Village Road extension, two with national characteristics of the bridge construction and 6000 meters production Park Road construction. Now the broad flat lock Village Village Road, let the villagers no longer muddy feet, all over the mountains and plains loquat tree up greenhouses villagers pockets, Olga village has become the "green bank", has attracted many tourists, the more prosperous days are over. Similarly, miaoba village in Zunyi city of Wuchuan Autonomous County of fenglezhen has also undergone changes. Miaoba village had 70% village road. Over the past 3 years, Shanghai sent a number of batches of cadres to help guizhou. Shanghai city Fengxian District help Miaobei Village Road, but also to build a fully functional health room, cultural square, the development of quality fruit cultivation, but also led to the development of rural tourism village for generations in the earth plane food crops to eat the "tourism meal". For Guizhou, Bijie, Shenzhen to carry out multi form, multi-level, full range of assistance, to explore the poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the west, the Shenzhen model". Shenzhen’s total investment 986 million yuan, Bijie, Qiannan built rural roads, drinking water, irrigation, reconstruction of houses, education and health infrastructure and public welfare projects 1703, greatly changed the local production and living conditions. In 1996, according to Deng Xiaoping rich first help and eventually achieve common prosperity "two overall situation" strategy, Chinese made "poor East cooperation" major decision. Since then, Beijing and Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and Gansu, Shanghai and Yunnan, Guangdong and Guangxi, Fujian and Ningxia, Dalian, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Guizhou…… Begin to close the hand. Over the past 20 years, China has continued to increase efforts to support the eastern region of the western region, the formation of a multi-level, multi form, a comprehensive range of poverty alleviation and cooperation support pattern. Since August 1996, the government decided to China, Dalian, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen helping their counterparts in Guizhou; in February 2013, the new Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou 4 city aid to Guizhou, the 8 developed city "one to 8 in addition to Guiyang city a" aid to Guizhou (state). 1500 kilometers, is the city of Suzhou to Fanjing Mountain range. One in the south, one in the southwest, Suzhou and Tongren, the intersection of the two cities in the past is not much. Until 2013, with the State Council on the work of helping Guizhou counterparts相关的主题文章:

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