Qiao Renliang traced Shanghai accidental death does not exclude the possibility of depression 霍金hawking

Qiao Renliang traced Shanghai accidental death does not exclude the possibility of depression yesterday, some netizens said the actor Qiao Renliang accidental death in Shanghai. 22 day 05, Shanghai Public Security Bureau official micro-blog (@ police train – Shanghai) issued a message: "18:21 on September 16th, Putuo police received the alarm, said Qi Shun Road Taopu area of a residential building with a man’s death. After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene investigation and disposal. After investigation, the death of the man for Joe Moumou (male, 28 years old, Shanghai people). After forensic identification, has ruled out homicide, the specific cause of death is under investigation." According to people familiar with the matter, the death of the man Moumou is a singer, actor Qiao Renliang, whose film "our ten years" is currently on display. Qiao Renliang, born in October 15, 1987 in Shanghai, graduated from Shanghai Dian Ji University, was the national high jump champion, the national two athletes. In 2005, he joined the Hunan TV Golden Eagle Star "free my heart" won the national championship game. And he is more familiar with the identity of the audience in Shanghai, it is 2007 Oriental TV talent show! Good man "runner up. In July 2007, Qiao Renliang signed the orange sky entertainment group, officially started as a singer, but in recent years the focus of his work in film and television drama. In 2012, he played the SOGO writer in the TV version of "time" in 2013; he starred in by Huang Xiaoming, Joe Chen in the TV series "Grand Adventure" splendid edge, rich handsome to play spoony Yingdong in collaboration with Liu Yifei, 2015; Wu Yifan, starred in the youth love movie "Youth: 2 so you’re still here". In the star love variety show "we love it", Qiao Renliang and Xu Lu sweet interaction to "Huang Zhang couple" and the popularity of the big increase. Qiao Renliang was killed in an accident after the news came out, and Qiao Renliang had worked with the "Grand Adventure" splendid edge producer Bo said: "too suddenly. Can only sigh." Opinions on Qiao Renliang’s death. It is understood that Qiao Renliang recent mood is not good, does not rule out the possibility of depression, the specific reasons for the police are investigating. Shanghai DJ Kan said in our personal micro-blog last night: "in any case, please respect his friends and family feel, don’t talk nonsense……"相关的主题文章:

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