Crazy Stone ten anniversary creative people into a winner, someone was buried 魔界骑士イングリッド

"Crazy Stone" ten anniversary: creative people have been buried into the actor, [a] lead in 2006, 3 million of the cost of small movie "Crazy Stone" made 23 million at the box office, becoming the Chinese mainland film market a dark horse, the multi cue narrative black crime comedy open type China film, become a milepost of the works, director Hao Ning also suddenly become the most attention Chinese young director, after three years by virtue of "crazy car" promotion "billion yuan club director". June 30th is "Crazy Stone" release date, June 28, 2016, as "Xie Xiaomeng" actor Peng Bo micro-blog, to commemorate the film released in ten years, he is the only active to commemorate the ten anniversary of the "Crazy Stone" in the individual actors on micro-blog. While other people, not only is the creator, and even many filmmakers, almost forgotten the matter. China’s film industry is developing too fast, too many new films every year, many people are looking forward to have a new goal, the past milestone, but not necessarily someone willing to review. On this point, the director Hao Ning seemed very indifferent: "Chinese in the great range of the film as a culture? This is still a question mark. It has to go through this stage of consumption, in order to enhance the cultural attributes." Here, the Phoenix Entertainment exclusive launch of "Crazy Stone" to commemorate the ten anniversary of the planning, deep grilled after ten years of creative situation, review the dark horse ten years ago on the road. "Crazy Stone" three creative Hao Ning, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng is now a film of iron triangle [the] "Crazy Stone" creative now where someone has one winner, Hao Ning Huang Bo Xu Zheng Tan buried together again cooperation is expected to foster new director for the past ten years, the film China monolithic box office. The market has reached 3 billion, the state has already turn the world upside down. Hao Ning ten years after another shooting "crazy car", "no man’s land", "Gold Panda" and "put" the film heart flower road, become the backbone of Chinese film. And the "Crazy Stone" crew members, they have their own different development. Because of "stone" bonds, known as the "iron triangle" of Hao Ning, Huang Bo and Xu Zheng have collaborated "crazy car", "no man’s land" and "put heart flower road has now become their", Chinese film take charge as chief of the characters. "No man’s land" reunited. Hao Ning, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, they repeatedly gathered has become a film story. Shortly before September 5th, Ning Haoqi under bad monkey pictures held a press conference in Beijing, announced the "bad monkey 72 film project" was officially launched, launched ten new directors including "Xiu Chun knife" director Lu Yang, Hao Ning served as executive producer for the ten new film. Huang Bo and Xu Zheng also came to the scene, Hao Ning’s new plan to support the company. Hao Ning bad monkey pictures announced to support ten new directors at the same time, Huang Bo also announced the studio to create "HB+U new program director in June this year, the Hao Ning plan and agree without prior without previous consultation. Huang Bo believes that foster new movie is a good thing, Hao Ning said, will cooperate with Huang Bo in support of new director. In the "stone" as the "black" of Huang Bo, ten years out from the "stone" in a public speech.相关的主题文章:

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