Ju Ping Thank you very much for the CCTV to my stage, and now 80% work behind the scenes 特命战队go busters

Ju Ping: Thank you very much for CCTV to my stage, now 80% working behind the scenes – Beijing respondents: Ju Ping questionger: Liu Yaqi time: September 12, 2016 respondents introduction: Ju Ping, the famous CCTV children’s show host, a senior editor. Born in Beijing in 1966, has presided over the famous CCTV column "and" Tangram "big windmill", "cartoon world", "hand in hand" etc.. Familiar with children’s psychology, love the children’s education, repeatedly won the "golden microphone" and other awards. "Ju Ping sister" image with her children’s program presided over the thousands of households, has been widely recognized by the audience. The autobiography "Pingju — Ju Ping sister 32 years of innocence Tour" in April 2016 by the Anhui children’s publishing house. 1 seldom see you on TV recently, what are you busy now? I am now responsible for CCTV children’s channel of a brand public column "big hand little hand", a total of 52 weeks of broadcast programs and special programs in the 10 phase. Each period has a special theme, such as the "learn Lei Feng", "to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march", as well as the broadcast of the "teacher’s Day" as the theme of the special program. Our purpose is to pay special attention to the disadvantaged groups, disabled children, left behind children, children affected by AIDS, and so on. For example, before the Wenchang satellite launch center in the first flight, our team to go to Wenchang to do the show, condolences due to the construction of satellite launch center and the relocation of the children, specially invited Yang Liwei space hero and Olympic champion, to encourage kids to Study hard, strive for the dream. I am now 80% of the work behind the scenes, the main trial is the film, do the planning, for the host service. I am hosting the program for 32 years, now older, fatter (laughs), certainly not as good as the image of young people, presided over the appearance of such things, will let the moon sister, Sister deer, red fruit, green bubble these young people to do. Pingju "– Ju Ping sister 32 years’s journey" records you employed 32 years of struggle. Can you divide your work? Which do you think is the fastest growing stage? My thirty years of work, basically can be divided into three years, every ten years to do a column. From 1985 to 1995, I presided over the stage "and" tangram, I completed a secondary school students from kindergarten to the transition of a children’s show host; in 1995 when the "big windmill" producer, editor, responsible for the "big windmill" broadcast program arrangement; 2003 children started broadcasting, I began to presided over the "cartoon world", after watching this show up 00. I personally feel in 1995 from the "Tangram" into the "big windmill" producer of this stage is the fastest growth and improve. During this period, my overall planning, directing ability have been rapidly improved. I am very grateful to the CCTV to give me the stage, so that I have been harvested, there are exercises, there are promotion. I was very lucky at the beginning of my career, the honor came very early, especially. 1988 CCTV Song Qi相关的主题文章:

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