Mayor of Nanjing to promote the comprehensive improvement of the environment and the new work of the 小坂めぐる

Mayor of Nanjing to promote the comprehensive improvement of the environment and the new work of the old district on the morning of November 12th, the mayor of Miu Ruilin once again to promote the comprehensive supervision of the urban environment and the old district. He stressed that in accordance with the new requirements of city environmental quality improvement Congress determined, high standards and high quality to promote a new renovation work, adhere to the needs of the people in the first place, strengthen fine consciousness, improve work efficiency, ensure the completion of tasks on schedule. Miu Ruilin has looked at Xuanwu Avenue, Zhujianglu Road, Whampoa  Road, Taiping South Road, Beijing Road, Hunan Road City Road and Shen Jen Lane Street Lane Road Construction and environmental remediation Qingshuitang water environmental remediation project. He pointed out that the comprehensive environmental remediation work time, heavy task, district departments should strengthen coordination, reasonable arrangements for the duration, strengthen the construction of power dispatching, construction site management and engineering quality supervision, focus on comprehensive improvement of the environment of annihilation. For the problems found in the inspection, Miu Ruilin stressed that the road construction to adhere to adhere to the three synchronization". First, at the same time in the road construction, as well as other public facilities along the damaged bus platform and other old residential facade wall synchronization, the overall improvement of environmental quality. Two is the transportation, electricity, communications and other work to be synchronized with the construction of the line, the timely removal of waste cables. The three is to do fine landscaping, and with the simultaneous construction of the road, at the same time, to ensure that the whole into a. In view of the road remediation work travel brings impact on traffic, Miu Ruilin asked the departments to increase inspection efforts, timely traffic, seriously study the traffic blocking point of governance, take feasible solution, to ensure the orderly flow of traffic in city. Inspection, Miu Ruilin also came to the Qinhuai District Xihua village, Yuhuatai Yuhua District five village, Gulou District Community Park off the old district, see the district new projects, listen to the views of residents suggestions. He asked, to adapt to the needs of the people, in the demolition of illegal structures at the same time, strengthen the community public service facilities, and residential construction, the new district and drainage standards energy-saving, wall two water transformation combined to enhance the intrinsic function. To adhere to the fine construction, handle, construction of temporary pavement manhole cover plate covering the details, to prevent noise nuisance for vehicle rolling, minimize the impact of construction on the surrounding environment. (reporter Liu Xiao)  相关的主题文章:

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