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After the Mid Autumn Festival prices or slightly lower retail price will decline with the "Economic Information Daily" reporters from a number of social monitoring agency learned that the recent multi message intertwined, international oil prices in the $44-46.5 barrel rangebound, the judge later there will be the market repeatedly. Taking into account China’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday factors, a new round of domestic oil price adjustment window opened in September 18th, is expected to usher in a grounded or slightly lower. Since September 1st two rising domestic oil prices, the U.S. crude inventory increase, coupled with the OPEC output in August highs, the market pessimism under the drop in oil prices, then producers have released frozen production speech, international oil prices shot up quickly, showing four rising trend. But the number of the drilling platform increase oil prices to fall, but by the statement the Fed dovish bias, 12 dollar weakened sharply rebounded sharply, coupled with the three major U.S. stock indexes, to provide support for oil prices. In this case, the crude oil is also the rate of change between positive and negative fluctuations. Www monitoring data show that as of September 12th closing, eighth working days, the change rate of -3.81%, corresponding to down 90 yuan ton. "In accordance with the current pricing mechanism, the domestic refined oil price adjustment every ten days, holidays, will be postponed to after the first working day adjusted. The valuation cycle coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, while the international oil prices during the holiday period corresponding to the rate of change is still a reference. Freeze on crude oil production agreement to boost the role of not yet fully subsided, crude oil shocks or the mainstream trend, which has continued to shrink down by late May, therefore, the current round of price adjustment will be stranded or slightly downward trend." Information Analyst Xu Na said. Treasure Island analyst Li Yang believes that as of September 12th seventh working days, the average price of crude oil for reference to $45.21 barrel, the rate of change of -4.25%. Taking into account the frozen production meeting need time period or will continue to have an impact on the market, but the fundamentals of pessimism return, late international oil prices will continue to be repeated, the preliminary estimate of gasoline and diesel retail price down to 120 yuan tons, fold up price of about 0#0.1 yuan, 90#0.09 yuan. Xu Na predicted that if the current price is slightly lower, the domestic retail price will follow the decline, and the wholesale price or stable, and in the golden nine silver ten traditional peak season demand under the background of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day double boost, the area of the main unit to push the price of intent or partial concentration, the wholesale and retail prices continue to shrink, gas station profit will continue to reduce. (economic information daily)相关的主题文章:

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