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The strength of the new actor Jin Huiren starred in the film "determine Ali hole" – Sohu Jin Huiren entertainment Sohu Korean entertainment news new actor Jin Huiren starred in the film "determine Ali hole" (tentative name director producer AD406 Jin Hongxuan). The popular TV series "entourage" in Jin Huiren plays a beauty and decoration designer "Xu Zhian", the first display screen. After that, then decided to act in the film "Ali hole", as a ‘Zhong Wu Road Star’ concern. The movie "Ali" hole to Ali Dong village as the background, tells the story of the elderly and the notorious village? The highest paid special attention to the village before the duty police accidentally teamed up together to trace suspicious events in the village?. Through the "conspirators", "technology" is approved by the audience and director Jin Hongxuan will direct the movie. In addition, the white Runzhi, East, 1000 Hu and Pei Zongyu Jane South Korea’s top actors who starred in, attracted more attention. Jin Huiren played in the drama and Ali townhouse apartment owner Shen Dexiu (Bai Runzhi ornaments) conflict 90 tenants’ Golden Temple. ". To earn a livelihood in the logistics center for employment "Golden Temple" is involved in Ali hole suspicious events figure. Jin Huiren will play the lively and strong "Golden Temple", supporting the development of the plot. The tvN file in the debut drama "entourage" super rookie actor Jin Huiren has a pure and intellectual face, and have stable acting strength. Jin Huiren through the "entourage" represents a natural angle with eight colored bird charm, successful debut type declaration. And Jin Huiren after the television industry debut, then identified as the film "Ali hole", expanding the field of acting, and actively expand the film – television activities, the rapid growth of the next generation of performing arts star. In addition, Jin Huiren starred in the movie "Ali" into the hole at the end of October shooting, is expected to premiere in 2017.   相关的主题文章:

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