Zheng Dong new district was awarded the most investment value of the region is the only one dnf商人吧

Zheng Dong won the most investment value of New Area awards, the only one newspaper news (reporter Li Lin) October 31st, the news from the Zhengzhou Zheng Dong District Management Committee, the area in the "2016 twelfth Beijing International Finance Expo" won the only "the most investment value area award". According to reports, the Beijing International Finance Expo by Beijing golden fair organized by the organizing committee, the agglomeration of the central financial work leading group, the people’s Bank, Chinese Development Research Center of the State Council and other departments related to leadership, a large number of financial experts, scholars and senior professional financial media people, focus on the global financial industry is a new pattern of development, innovation, cross fusion as the theme of the national financial industry event. In recent years, Zheng Dong New District constantly improve the financial industry system, the development of new financial formats, optimize the financial development environment, accelerate the construction of the core functional areas of financial agglomeration. 2015, Zheng Dong New District to complete the financial sector added value of 13 billion 200 million yuan, more than 4 times in 2010, accounting for the region’s gross domestic product of 50.3%, pulling GDP rose by 7.2 percentage points.相关的主题文章:

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