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The LCD panel prices skyrocketing Internet TV selling a deficit "this is the television industry in ten years had a situation, LCD TV panel prices overall, continuous, rose sharply, superposition of natural and man-made calamities, consumption and other factors, resulting in the television industry in tears." A brand executives told the IT Times reporter, the first wave of TV panel prices in the field of Internet TV ripples of thin profits. In the music as the fourth generation of music as part of the decision to press the super TV models of some of the price increase of 100~200 yuan, storm group will also be a sharp decline in the third quarter net profit attributable to the rise in the price of raw materials, such as TV panels. The whole industry is not a good day, even in the upper reaches of the industry chain has more advantages of traditional color TV manufacturers, but also had to face the third quarter profit decline and worse in the fourth quarter. At the same time, the upper reaches of the scarcity of resources is rapidly transmitted to the consumer side, many TV companies said to "IT times" reporter, double eleven promotion decreased, although has made the models no longer sit in prices, but the subsequent launch of the new TV price increase is a foregone conclusion. Internet TV selling a deficit "supply shortage is the main cause, panel prices on the one hand, Samsung, SHARP and other manufacturers to adjust the supply panel size and product structure, OLED mobile phone panel specializing in higher profits, and the first quarter, SDC panel yield dropped another Samsung; Taiwan earthquake, LED panel supplier production line has been hit, supply and demand becomes tight." Storm TV CMO Lu Sheng Bo said that the increasing size of the global TV is also increasing the demand for panels. LCD TV every 1 inches, it is necessary to consume a line of the next generation, at present, the average size of the global TV increased by 2.6 inches, which means to increase the number of lines of the 8.6 generation to meet the 3. The reality is that not only did not increase the production line closed down. According to the IHS Markit monitoring, the first quarter of 2016, due to seasonal China production capacity and market demand, supply exceeds demand panel 20%; the second quarter, the market for self adjustment, the demand began to rise; the third quarter, the supply and demand situation became pretty tight, only supply than demand is expected in the fourth quarter of 10%; supply exceeds demand, only 8%. According to the update in October 19th the international market price of the panel, 40 inches 1080P Full HD LCD TV panel, the highest increase of $17, an offer of $135, or equivalent to about RMB 115 yuan. Panel accounted for almost 65% of the total cost of the machine, so that the increase has been playing the price butcher Internet TV manufacturers feel the pressure. Previously, 40 inch TV panel $90 can get the goods, in accordance with the current price of $135, the actual cost of the panel increased by $45, equivalent to RMB 304 yuan. The trend is that the price of the panel is only higher, not the highest." An Internet television practitioners to "IT times" reporter said, the price of Internet TV 40 inches at 1000 yuan, 304 yuan increase means: sell more, lose more. Internet product.相关的主题文章:

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