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"The moment" with Kan Qingzi George Hu flower child cry users Tencent called entertainment Guoneishoubu realism idol drama "the moment" in Japan before the heart successfully completed, after entering the stage. The play by Kan Qingzi, Hu Yuwei, Yao Hong starring, since the shooting will gain ultra high degree of concern. In a wave of successive release poster materials, after we tempt the appetite, "the moment" was first exposed to five minutes with love moving trailer, stylish urban style, compact and changeable plot, all make friends shouted, "the moment of heartache" is really see my small heart thump look good!" Has entered the post production of "she bangs" that moment not broadcast before the fire, on the social networking site "constantly, caused widespread concern outside the industry. "The moment of heartache" style aesthetic seven years look forward to the moment of "Sadomasochism detonated eyebrows" first trailer was released, with its aesthetic style, character conflict sharp caught the attention of the audience. Love moving Trailer with Tao Yufei and Li Chenyin again meet again after a lapse of seven years for the beginning of time-space flash back seven years ago, two college age, kiss the ferris wheel deep, on the Boulevard shed respectively, in those years the classic love scenes in order to reproduce, sweet out of. Then the SM plot but suddenly gave users a heavy blow, "why do you miss! I also spent seven years!" The five minute version will love moving trailers, "she bangs" in that moment of indulgence, One principle runs through it all. art, an important element of dream and reality struggle unfolding. Li Chenyin and Tao Yufei for painting art students the opportunity to know love, and a strange combination of circumstances after seven years…… Just five minutes, it will be the relationship between flower perplexing characters, plot development outline of the one or two foreign entanglements, is to sacrifice everything, including love for art? Or open your heart, accept the infatuation for the people? Compared to the past idol dream and those who are too unrealistic story, "the moment of heartache" close to the reality, in touch resonance, poke in the audience’s pain points at the same time, more reminiscent of their years of experience some sad things. Netizens around the flowers start hot, "what sound, to fly home, Chen Wu three people’s feelings of belonging is how good looking ah, baby!" I hit "atypical light drama romantic moment with" sense of reality "with" out of the moment about the actress Tao Yufei, Li Chenyin the senior school girl, love college age, seven years of love story entanglement. A high value of the yen was more than the drama actor, more focused on real life, the gradually tired of the costume fantasy theme audience back to the city light I play system, and throw the dream and reality, how to choose the life proposition thinking. In the first version of the five minute version of love moving trailers, play the three main characters Li Chenyin, Tao Yufei, Qiu Jiawu in the face of the conflict goes tangled, the dream and reality of the restless, anxious, hesitation is delicate description. Over seven years, from the campus, from love to friendship, from the artistic pursuit of ecstasy to surrender to the reality of compromise, a public life starring in dreams and reality two is full of excitement. charm spark.相关的主题文章:

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