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Talk about "assessment of second-hand car" – those things into the second-hand car industry Sohu car from that day on, not a circle without pioneer new entrants repeatedly rendered assessment of second-hand car is very important, and somewhat mysterious, like the assessment of second-hand car this thing is not the average person can make. A lot of second-hand car dealers to enter the "young people" are prohibitive, and even some transsexuals are the "rendering" with the wrong direction, into a more "confused", but also to the second-hand car business managers bring great confusion". So, in the end what kind of used car evaluation is a ghost? What role does it play in the used car business? What is the role of the used car companies? Let’s take a closer look at it! What is the used car evaluation? Early assessment of second-hand car is mainly used for enterprises and institutions of the vehicle "valuation", then the vehicle is the company or unit of assets, annual depreciation of assets and accounted for, when the disposal of assets (sale, mortgage and transfer) involves the disposal of vehicles will need to estimate the vehicle, based on this purpose at that time, what made a "cash", "bank interest reduction method" and "asset replacement method" and "current market method" second-hand car "price" method, but these methods are price, often can only be used for companies and units of financial accounting, and cannot achieve market transactions in the price. As the car has become a mainstream China automobile market, second-hand car trading has gradually entered into a "market economy" era, even state-owned enterprises, in the disposal of own second-hand car will no longer use the original "asset allocation" planned economy "means, assessment of second-hand car" as the second-hand car operators determine second-hand car the price of the acquisition of the main means. In June 2014 issued by the national standard "second-hand car appraisal technical specifications" in the definition of the second-hand car appraisal is given as follows: the second-hand car appraisal is "technical status detection and identification of the second-hand car, the process of determining a point value". This book if it gives the accurate assessment of second-hand car to do two things, one is to determine the second-hand vehicle technical condition, the two is to determine the second-hand car in the time of "value". Here the use of the concept of value "is somewhat flattering, we generally believe that" value "is a relative concept of philosophy, for example, one thing can be of great value to a person, but the other people don’t necessarily have the" value ", and recognized the value of things, in a certain environment, must not have" transaction price ", such as air, earth in general people do not need to get through the transaction, so in this case is very value to everyone, but not the" price ", of course, a change of environment, such as in the plateau may air can be traded with the market price". So, I think, used car evaluation, we must solve the problem of transaction prices, rather than assess its value". The price is determined by the relationship between supply and demand of the market, can not rely on a simple formula to calculate the given, you need to supply and demand sides of the bargaining process, and then reach an agreement in order to clinch a deal. To supply and demand相关的主题文章:

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