Mid autumn travel destination ranked eighth in Xi’an, a total of 2 million 440 thousand visitors 下北glory days

The Mid Autumn Festival travel destinations ranked Xi’an eighth, a total of 2 million 440 thousand tourists trips just past the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, "two NPC and CPPCC" held, Zheng Xu high-speed railway and other favorable factors, and during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Xi’an weather, suitable for tourists to travel, Xi’an City, a total of 2 million 443 thousand and 500 tourists trips. In addition, according to the 2016 release of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday travel with the way tourism trends "report", Sanya, Xiamen, Xi’an and Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao city to the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival domestic long-term travel popular travel destination TOP10 eighth, as domestic and foreign tourists to hasten if the popular tourist city duck. During the festival, the main tourist spots in Xi’an city continued to grow. The Museum of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum of 58933 tourists, an increase of 19.48%; China Palace scenic tourists 37116 passengers, an increase of 89.27%; the Shaanxi History Museum received 30644 visitors, an increase of 53.7%; the Xi’an wild zoo in Qinling Mountains tourists 28329 passengers, an increase of 45.5%; the scenic tourists 28128 passengers; Lantian Tangyu resort tourists 95894 passengers an increase of 7.23%. In addition, the new scenic area and the characteristics of open street popularity diminished, with rich festivals and folk performances but also gather a lot of popularity. The newly built Lantian village folk village and plain film base 3 days a total of 352 thousand tourists, accounting for the county received a total of 54.2%. Newspaper reporter Wang Jin

中秋出游目的地排名西安第8 共接待游客244万人次   刚刚过去的中秋小长假,受“两节两会”的举行、郑徐高铁开通等利好因素影响,加之中秋假日期间西安天气晴好,适宜市民游客出行,西安全市共接待游客244.35万人次。   此外,据同程旅游发布的《2016年中秋小长假出游趋势报告》,西安更与三亚、厦门、北京、上海、青岛等城市同入2016中秋节前后国内长线游热门出游目的地TOP10第八名,成为国内外游客趋之若鹜的旅游热门城市。   节日期间,西安市主要景区接待游客持续增长。秦始皇帝陵博物院接待游客58933人次,同比增长19.48%;华清宫景区接待游客37116人次,同比增长89.27%;陕西历史博物馆接待30644人次,同比增长53.7%;西安秦岭野生动物园接待游客28329人次,同比增长45.5%;城墙景区接待游客28128人次;蓝田汤峪旅游度假区接待游客95894人次,同比增长7.23%。   此外,新建景区及特色开放式街区人气不减,以丰富的节庆活动和民俗表演更聚拢了大量人气。新建成的蓝田白鹿原民俗村和白鹿原影视基地3天累计接待游客35.2万人次,占全县接待总量的54.2%。本报记者王瑾相关的主题文章:

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