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Legal One of the most confusing yet important benefits you may receive from your place of work is workers compensation insurance. This is especially important for workers working in physically demanding and dangerous fields, such as construction or maintenance work. Workers compensation insurance policies vary by state, but they’re all designed to protect the worker and their dependents in the event of a work related injury or death, as well as the employer from liability of injury or on the job fatalities. Typically, an employee who receives workers compensation benefits receives money on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in lieu of filing a lawsuit against the employer. This provides the monetary compensation that the employee needs to pay for basics and medical care while they can’t work, and it protects the employer from further action from the employee. Because of this, fault isn’t determined as an issue in these cases. There are many aspects to the benefits an injured (or worse) worker and his family have rights to, including laws that have been passed on the federal level protecting families in times of need in addition to workers compensation insurance. One aspect is the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) passed in 1993 by congress in an effort to give workers time off in the case of a family emergency. If an employee works for a company that employs 50 or more people, the workplace is automatically included in this act. If you’ve worked at your job for over a year (or 1250 hours) you are entitled to this benefit. FMLA entitles one up to a total of 12 weeks of unpaid leave during any 12-month period because of a serious health condition. There are plenty of other insurances you can purchase privately in addition to your workers compensation insurance. These insurance policies typically cover needs that aren’t covered by most insurance policies held through your employer, and can create added piece of mind to a worker that works in a risky environment. You can purchase these insurances from typical big name insurance like Metlife, or you can go with a company that offers only this kind of insurance, like Aflac. There are a lot of different plans and choices out there. There’s a lot of helpful information out there regarding workers compensation insurance and other benefits you should make yourself aware of if you’re working in a field where potential injury is a constant concern. Protecting your family from any harm in times when you’re unable to work in an important aspect of your life that you need to understand and have plans for. There are a lot of options out there that are available to protect you as well. Take your time and become familiar with all of your options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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