suitable footwear that has a decent grip and no laces to avoid them becoming tangled 美轰炸机飞越南海 中国海军击溃海盗

Business Research by the Department of Transport shows a worrying increase in the number of motorcycle accidents on Great Britains roads. This is partly due to the increasing number of bikes on the road and bikers using more powerful machines. Riding a bike is more physically demanding than driving a car and therefore some would say requires a greater degree of concentration. Having the correct clothing is key when riding a motorcycle to prevent injuries if an accident occurs. A helmet is a legal requirement and the best defence against a head injury in the event of an incident. Other recommended protective clothing would be gloves to help protect against abrasions, suitable footwear that has a decent grip and no laces to avoid them becoming tangled, long pants and a top to prevent burns from the hottest part of the bike and a visor or goggles to ensure the eyes are protected and good visibility is maintained. Before heading out on your motorcycle the following checks should be performed: -Ensure that the tyres are well inflated and in good working order. They help with the stability of the bike which is key to safety. Also it would be very impractical to get a spare tyre on a motorcycle, so there isn’t one. -Check all the fluids in the bike to ensure that the break and coolant fluid are topped up and there are no leaks. -Try out all lights and indicators to ascertain they are in working order, particularly if heading out at night. -Ensure that the throttle is moving freely and there is nothing in the incorrect place that will hamper your control of the motorcycle. When you are riding the motorcycle it is important to be road aware and to be in control of the motorcycle at all times. You should take particular care on bends and do not overtake if the road ahead is not visible. You must take into careful consideration the power with which you break the motorcycle to ensure a good stopping distance with no skidding or tipping the machine. It takes experience to know the correct way to break and riders should stay well within the speed limits to ensure they can break effectively and efficiently. Motorcycles can be extremely fun and lead to many adventures however, riders must always take into account they are extremely dangerous and take every safety precaution possible to ensure a safe ride for all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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