Ahmedabad is a great college but extremely tough to get into. The college offers postgraduate and doctoral programs for local and international students. The Ceibs 中国禁贾斯汀演出 网红饼店雇人排队

College-University Having a business administration degree is highly attractive. Companies hire students during campus interviews and they pay very competitive salaries for trained candidates. In fact, its not surprising to hear that students get more than $200,000 per month as a starting salary. However, not every student gets the same salary. The package is based on the reputation of the college that issued the degree. For example, an MBA degree from Harvard Business School, Boston will automatically be much more valuable than a degree from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. . The top 10 foreign universities for MBA At present, the top ten MBA university programs are as follows The Harvard University, Boston is still the King of the pack. This college is well-known internationally for its educational program and college alumni can be found in nearly every industry in the world. Stanford University enrolls about 803 students for their MBA program and it is a very well known college. Average tuition rates range from $55,200 per year or more but its worth the expense. The Wharton Program at the University of Pennsylvania has more than 91,000 alumni all over the world and the college offers several flexible MBA programs for local and international students. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) offers graduate and postgraduate programs in several streams of business administration. Most of the programs are fulltime and more than 80.8% of the students are employed immediately after the program. Northwestern University (Kellogg) offers fulltime and part-time programs for students from all over the world. Students can also pursue accelerated programs and international business degrees. The London Business School is internationally renowned for its excellent faculty and curriculum. Students can easily expect an average salary of about $154.783 and this is expected to increase in the coming years. The IE Business School, Spain holds its space on the rankings due to its prestigious faculty. The college has more than 500 international students and alumni hold very prominent positions all over the world. The Hong Kong UST Business School at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has consistently ranked in the top ten MBA global programs for the last four years. The college offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs for interested candidates. The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is a great college but extremely tough to get into. The college offers postgraduate and doctoral programs for local and international students. The Ceibs, China program is also very famous and the college offers accelerated partner programs with John Hopkins and Fletcher University for interested students. Ideally, we recommend you use the US News and Business Week rankings to find the best MBA colleges in the US. For international rankings, we recommend you try the Global MBA Rankings as per the Financial Times. These website choose and rank colleges according to several criteria. These rankings are completely unbiased and they offer an accurate idea of the best programs in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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