In order to file a successful Michigan motorcycle accident lawsuit one must have sustained a serious injury due to the car accident. Some serious injuries include but are not limited to 杭州小区孝心车位 挟持护士被击毙

According to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts for 2008, one out of every 10,208 persons in Michigan was killed in a traffic crash; one out of every 134 persons was injured. Victims of motorcycle accidents and their family members do have legal rights to sue the at-fault driver in the event that they are indeed the at-fault driver and you have sustained a "serious" injury due to the crash. What Is Considered A Serious Motorcycle Accident Injury? In order to file a successful Michigan motorcycle accident lawsuit one must have sustained a serious injury due to the car accident. Some serious injuries include but are not limited to: Fractured and broken bones Back and neck injuries, like herniated and bulging discs Nerve damage Injuries that require surgery or substantial treatment Closed head and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) Spinal cord injuries Knee injuries Shoulder injuries Scarring and disfigurement Road rash requiring significant skin grafts Burn injuries Amputation injuries Psychological injuries, like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder Injuries which cause disability from work and other daily activities When Can You Sue For A Motorcycle Accident Injury? In order to have a motorcycle accident injury case one must be able to prove that the other driver is the at-fault driver in the accident and that you sustained a serious injury due to the crash. The process for this kind of lawsuit is complex and requires an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Is There a Time Limit To Sue For A Michigan Motorcycle Accident Injury? There are strict time limitations for filing motorcycle accident claims and No-Fault Insurance claims in Michigan. If you miss a deadline, your claim will be lost forever. To avoid these severe consequences, you should contact an attorney immediately to discuss your case. What Should I Do If I am Involved in a Motorcycle Accident? Make sure that everyone involved in the accident is not injured, including passengers in your vehicle and the other vehicle. Stray at the scene of the accident and contact the police as soon as possible and wait for them to fill out an accident report form. If traffic is busy, stay off to the side of the road until the police arrive at the scene, so no one gets hit by oncoming traffic. Remain calm and exchange contact and insurance information with the driver and try to get the names and numbers of any witnesses. Call your insurance company to report the claim and the accident. 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