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UnCategorized The attraction marketing formula really isn’t a formula at all but a time tested and proven method being used in all walks of life. In network marketing, the emphasis has always been to let people know about your business opportunity. In most cases, it’s been considered unattractive and desperate as networkers clamor to find that one hot prospect who will take their business and down line to the next level. What’s wrong with this picture? Simply that most people put up fierce resistance to any type of sales pitch and when connecting with a prospect for the first time, establishing some credibility and trust should be your first focus. But if you lead with a sales pitch then the chances you’ll lose them within the first minute are huge. But the attraction marketing blueprint dictates that you don’t need to lead with a sales pitch. In fact, going against the normal grain, teaching and educating a prospect from the first moment of contact has been proven time and time again to get results and get them fast. Formula For Attraction marketing Instead of finding a prospect what if the prospect found you? It’s a strange concept for this business but the truth is, it’s a reality. Prospects seeking you out and wanting to know more information. Now the mistake most make when a prospect enters their lead funnel is to pitch them immediately with their business opportunity. Bad move. Why? Because people don’t like being pitched too. It’s as simple as that. Put yourself in the same situation and watch your defence mechanisms kick into gear. People become resistant when someone begins trying to sell them on something or an idea. Instead, what if you began to teach and educate the prospect. For example, showing them how to grow and run a business, how to live healthier, how to generate more prospects or how to create a business plan which will lay the foundation for them becoming successful. These are only examples but can you see the difference here. By not leading with the sales pitch and leading with the "how to" instead, don’t you think a prospect who has never met you before is going to be a little more receptive to what you have to say. Teaching Sells The simple fact is that teaching and educating sells. People are attracted to those who have the ability to to teach them something; who are knowledgable about a subject. Think back to the meetings you used to attend. What were your impressions of those up front doing the presentations? We’re you drawn to them because of their good looks or was it their ability to teach and educate? It’s an attraction marketing formula technique that goes unnoticed everyday but when you recognize how powerful it is, it has the ability to transform your business overnight. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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