Dynamics Ax Add-ons As A New Retail Therapy 故宫将建玻璃幕墙 周杰伦方文山合影

Software Businesses need to streamline their retail operations to manage products, processes, trades, as well as business relationshipsfrom store management through supply chain to point of sale and services.In addition to such requirements, the need to consolidate acquisitions, ever increasing competition, is a great challenge and the retail thus require advanced business solutions. Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Retail industryhelp retailers maximize their current IT investments for faster ROI. Also, new custom functionalities can be added using Dynamics Add-ons enabling more scalable operations and processes. A retail merchandising tool or an add-on for retail organizations is an ERP integrated framework for the purpose of maximizing client sales per square foot at the lowest cost. This Dynamics AX add-on allows the supplier and retailer to plan assortments down to store level. It facilitates altering Store Specific Assortments during the season to assure fast moving items occupy more of the shelf space and thus assure maximum revenue for both the supplier and the retailer. The add-on works fantastically as a retail merchandising tool, for an instance, the supplier takes on a new level of responsibility that traditionally was done by the Retailers Category Manager. Sell-Thru data is available to all parties involved, giving the supplier access to the same data as the retailer. In addition, where the supplier sells and distributes to smaller retailers like boutiques, the tool can also be configured for planning assortments and replenishment by grouping multiple retailers together by door type. The Retailer can also use this application for planning categories where there are many suppliers or which the manufacturing is controlled directly by the retailer. The Retail merchandising tool allows you to normalize the data to generate forecasts for an effective buying & replenishment plan, and at the same time helps in structuring the season, holiday & promotions. The add-on offers various business benefits with the inclusion of a centralized store management, flexible Point-of-Sale (POS), influential merchandising, multi-channel enablement, global reach and scalability, and so on. Some of these specific benefits are: Maximizes store level assortments and replenishment Provides the structure to improve forecasting Helps in establishing collaboration between the supplier and retailer to plan down store level activities Facilitates store level assortments and replenishments Improves forecasting and calculates predicted levels of services to aid in capitalizing the assortment at specific store locations For faster growth and lasting customer relationships Microsoft Dynamics AX add-ons work wonders as a retail solution by connecting with people, information, and processes across the organization, at the same time reduce complexity from sales to supply. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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