2016 month long horse run bottom circuit diagram announced by your house at the door rainlendar

2016 month long horse run bottom circuit diagram announced through your door: original title: 2016 Ma long line map published at your doorstep after 2016 Changsha International Marathon race route map Changsha evening news 2016 October 7th Changsha palm Changsha international marathon will be taken off on October 30th at 7:30 in the morning. Today, the organizing committee officially announced the game circuit diagram, compared with last year, this year’s line to reduce the track difficulty, reduce the track of ups and downs, mainly around the Changsha riverbanks to expand. 2016 Changsha International Marathon race track through the organization of the Department of careful planning, fully embodies the city style of Changsha, reflects the city characteristics. In order to reduce the difficulty of the track, reduce the track of ups and downs, avoid the bridge sections, reduce the impact on traffic, competition organization were no less than 10 times the track of exploration, by the international surveyor to confirm the distance measurement, medical security, and then convene in consultation with other departments; full communication with the public security, police, medical and other departments, after repeated demonstration the Chinese athletics, guidance, and coordination of multiple departments, finally get the China athletics track certification. 2016 Changsha International Marathon track not only shows Changsha pleasant natural scenery, cultural landscape, Hunan characteristics shows the city changes and type two results. The track around Changsha riverbanks, show the unique charm of mountain city. In Changsha international marathon runners from wanshanhongbian, cenglinjinran Mount Yuelu, feel the night drunk wine for Changsha, Xiao Xiang Chun "Du Jiang Ge; also known as" the first Chinese Delta "Orange Island on the experience of" pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi ho love will be a great man; more ways of Young Mao’s statue and Chairman Mao had to learn the life of the first normal school and other red spots. Let the whole world run friends can look Changsha most incisive riverbanks, unlimited scenery landscape island city. At the same time, the setting of the track also takes into account the travel needs of the people of Changsha as well as to minimize the impact on urban traffic. The contest consists of marathon, half marathon, mini marathon, the joy of running four projects, the contest since August 30th to start the registration, a total of 37515 people submitted forecast applicants, has passed the 20000 ballot to determine the list of players. Attached: the marathon race route line: starting from the He Long Stadium South Plaza, West Road, Xiangjiang Road West via labor to the north, Orange Island Bridge south approach bridge on the west, Orange Island Bridge to the north, North Bridge Road North West Orange, Orange Island Beach Sports Cultural Park along the eastern side of South Orange Chau Road exhumation Orange Island, along the west side of South Orange head back to the north and south approach on Orange Island Bridge to the west, Fenglin Road West, north, South yinpen Rong Wan Road East, Xiao Xiang road to the north, the Dragon King Kong viaduct to the north, the Dragon King Kong under the viaduct, viaduct bridge exhumation of the Dragon King Kong, South Xiao Xiang on the way to the west, South Road, Feng Lake, abundant Road East, crossing back Xiao Xiang Road South, Xiao Xiang Road South, West Road, Fuxiang Pingtang Avenue, South Lake Avenue, West Ocean Ocean Lake Wetland South Gate fold Back, Ocean Lake Avenue East, North Bridge East, Hunan Road Bridge Hunan Road Bridge under the bridge, Hunan)相关的主题文章:

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